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Serving the SW, W, NW United States

High Country Alpaca Shearing

Pricing: Alpacas/Llamas

1 - 14 animals = $30.00/head

15 + animals = $25.00/head

Teeth $10.00 (includes fighting teeth)

Toenails $5.00
Call for Details: 505-788-2236

Service Description

High Country Alpaca Shearing is now booking for the 2013 season.

Our shearing teams service the Southwest, West and Northwest United States:


HCAR shearing teams are practitioners of bio-secure shearing, have a genuine love for each and every animal and puts their health and welfare first and foremost during the shearing process. We also service our clients providing herd health to include teeth, toenails, shots and cria tipping. Shearing crias early enhances future fiber growth.

Our shearers use the ropes and mats system for shearing. The animals are gently laid down on the mat and restrained using ropes tethered to 2 stationary points in the shearing station. We feel this is safer for the animals, shearer and helpers. The head holder is trained to restrain and roll the animal during the shearing process. The action between these 2 professionals is called "the dance".

For scheduling call John: 505-788-2260